Apple is the best phone, here are the reasons I love mine.

I am a tech guy so when it comes to phones, I go for the best ones. I have owned an android phone as well as an iPhone both of the latest versions.

When I compare and contrast the iPhone and Android phones, I must admit that iPhone gets the upper hand.

Here are some of the reasons why I prefer iPhones over Android phones;

iPhones are faster

A new iPhone with the A12 Bionic chip will beat anything being offered by Android. A good example would be an iPhone XS which is way better than the Galaxy S10 Plus which is one of the best Android phones currently.

This Galaxy S10 Plus is incredible since it comes with a Snapdragon 855 processor. This said though, it still does not match the iPhone with the A12Bionic chip Processor. The iPhone XS still has a higher speed which outmatches that of the Android. It is also evident that iPhones can transcode a video quickly than their Android counterparts.

This speed difference makes iPhones better than Android phones.

iPhones come with better hardware and software integration

iPhones are designed in a way that their hardware and software are integrated in a way that is better than that of Android phones. A good example of this is the Face ID in iPhones. It makes sure that logged in securely using HD technology that scans your face through a TrueDepth sensor.

This goes to show how well integrated the software and hardware parts of an iPhone is. Another good example of this integrated is clearly displayed in the Memoji and Animoji which have been successfully joined together on the iPhone.

An iPhone is an easy phone to use

iPhones are easier to use as compared to android phones. This is because the same way iPhones were working in the year 2007 is the same way they are working. This makes them easy to use with minimal chances of complications. Its upgraded features are easy to use. For instance, the new feature that enables one to edit live photos. All these upgraded features are pretty simple to use and the user will rarely get a headache while using them.

For iPhones, the operating system updates only when you want

While many Android phones auto-updates themselves, iPhones don’t. An iPhone user can update the latest version of iOS the same day it is released without a problem. for android phones, older versions get a rough time. The process of updating them to the latest system units can be challenging. This is what makes iPhones way better than Android.

They will not disappoint the user with irrelevant updates and when one needs to make a change, it is easy and straight forward. The iPhone is simply incredible. It gives you full control and no automatically set updates will ever happen to your phone.

iPhones have a system unit that installs the best apps first

One must understand that the iOS and Android usually have millions of apps in their stores. However, developers are inclined to the iPhone side as they choose it as a launch platform for their most recent and hottest apps.

You will find that most apps are launched on iPhones and takes several months before being exposed and enabled on Android phones. This is crystal clear for anybody who does not like being treated as a second class app citizen, an iPhone is the way to go. The iPhone still remains king when it comes to apps.

No bloatware in iPhone

Android phones such as Samsung have greatly improved in efforts to minimize the pain users go through by lumping all carrier bloatware into one single folder.

However, this still ends up eating the phones space. What makes iPhone totally amazing is that you will not find any kind of carrier software having been preloaded on an iPhone. This makes it a clean out-of-the-box experience. This makes sure that the iPhone remains free of junk files that will consume space. This is what makes the iPhone better than Android phones.

iPhone works beautifully with Macs

apple products work togetherYou must know that iPhones work very well with Mac. A good example is the continuity feature which is the macOS. You can use it effectively using a MacBook to send and receive text messages and even receive phone calls. The only thing required of you is to keep your iPhone a little close.

One of the features I love is the AirDrop which allows you to easily move videos and photos from iPhone to MacBook where there is WIFI. There is also another feature that enables one to insert a photo on a note, mail, or documents.

This is what makes the iPhone totally cool as compared to Android phones. It is miles past them.

iPhone has Apple Pay

Apple pay is currently one of the best online payment methods. It has outdone all the other methods offered by Android phone developers. It is an app that is easy to use. You only need to bring your iPhone close to the supported payment terminal at the checkout counter and then simply press your finger on the phone Touch ID sensor.

This is something any user can do as it isn’t complicated.  This makes it easy for you to carry out transactions using your phone to pay for stuff you buy from the store.

This app also allows one to send and receive money from friends and family easily. This is why an iPhone is better than an Android phone.

It has the best help and support

If you have a problem with your iPhone, you can simply tap into a vast database of significant articles uploaded on Apple’s website.

They do also have a live chat section on their website where you can be able to schedule appointments at an Apple store genius bar. This is something you don’t find with Android phones.

If you run into a problem with your android phone, you will have to dig into online forums and try getting a solution all by yourself or call your carrier for help. This is why the iPhone is better than Android phones.

Coming up next.. Why Android beats apple hands down.

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