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Shopper’s Delight

The sun sits softly on the window.

And it’s getting cold.

With visions of yesterday and gifts of gold.

Of tinsel trees and egg cream.

Of all things that could be sold.

One thing never gets old.

Off to the mall.

They have it all.

With bright storefronts and dazzling lights.

Tear it all open.

I hope the color is right.

It would look great on you.

We can meet for an afternoon coffee too.



As children lined up among the window.

Dreaming of gifts and sweets.

With singing ringing throughout the store.

Shoppers hurrying through the streets.

Begging you to come look.

Just once more.

Running your fingers through the thread.

As memories dance in your head.

Remember shopping.

A thrill without stopping.

And all things that delight.

So hurry now.

Take a look at the sight.

Of the way, the market glistens at night.

And feel the air as it brushes your cheeks.

Looking for something sweet.

And something so real.

With the way that a new gift could make you feel.


And the price?

What a steal!


Ted Wilson

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