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Cardi B Shared the DIY Hair Mask That She Uses on Kulture

Back in June, Cardi B shared the recipe for one of her favorite DIY hair masks, which included ingredients like argan oil, mayonnaise, and banana. Now, lo and behold, the rapper is back with yet another at-home hair treatment for us to try — and you only need five kitchen staples in order to make it.

The “WAP” singer showcased how she makes the mask on — where else? — Instagram in a series of short clips via her Story. “I’m making a hair mask for Kulture because her hair’s been really dry lately,” she says, adding that this is because the two-year-old hasn’t wanted anyone to touch her hair recently. She then lists the ingredients you’ll need, which include one avocado, one egg, a healthy dollop of honey, some castor oil, and a generous scoop of coconut oil.

Courtesy of Instagram/@iamcardib
Courtesy of Instagram/@iamcardib
Courtesy of Instagram/@iamcardib
Courtesy of Instagram/@iamcardib

After breaking down the ingredients, Cardi then mixes everything up in a blender and tells fans to ensure the mixture is smooth and creamy without any chunks of avocado remaining. This makes sense, of course, considering you probably don’t want pieces of avocado hanging out in your hair. And it’s as simple as that, folks. Unfortunately, the entertainer didn’t show any before-and-after photos this time around, though something tells us that’s only because Kulture wasn’t in the mood for photos.

Nonetheless, with winter right around the corner, we definitely need to try this moisturizing hair mask on our own strands, ASAP. Thanks for the recipe, Cardi.

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