Shopify Stores: Why We Love Them

Shopping Basket (miniature)E-commerce has completely changed how we shop. Rather than using brick-and-mortar stores, sellers are nowadays showcasing their products online, which has led to an increase in the number of people shopping online. As such, this calls for the development of e-commerce stores that feature functionality as well as appealing aesthetics. Shopify is among the most popular e-commerce platforms. It’s known for having rich features and simplicity of use, which are important to both sellers and buyers. If you frequently shop online, this platform might be suitable for you.  Here are some reasons why you should use  Shopify.

Easy to Search for Products

Online shopping is fun when you can easily find products you’re looking for. Thankfully, Shopify provides an easy way of searching for items and filtering your product list. Each page has listed products. Customers can sort, search, and filter the list to find products that they want and minimize fluff. The product list follows an alphabetic order, that is, from A-Z of product names.

Some parameters used to help you find products include product title, product type, product seller, etc. Individuals can browse through products on the Shopify POS Products screen. Items with variants will have all variants listed under their name.

To search for a product, type its name or SKU into the search bar. Results will list variants of each product as a separate line item. If you see the item you’re looking for, tap it to add to your cart.

For example at Colourpop, you can also view an item’s details by tapping the information icon where one can see a product’s details such as its image, SKU, vendor, type, etc.

Great Filters

As we’ve earlier mentioned, you’ll find items listed in the product area. One can then apply some filters to show a smaller subset of these products. Filtering your product lists helps you easily find items you want to buy. You can filter products with these options;

  • Vendor- shows which products the selected vendor is selling
  • Availability- whether an item is in stock or sold out
  • Product type- shows items that belong to the selected product type

Once you filter your products, you can save the filter to use it again later on. After setting up your filters click ‘Save Search’ and name your search. This search is saved on the products page if you’re using a desktop or product screen for those using the app.

So when you want to find products matching the same filter again, you simply click the tab labeled with your search name and your list will pop up with a subset of products.

Works Well on Mobile

Many people are today shopping using their mobile devices.  But, customers are always looking for e-commerce stores that don’t just look good but also perform well on their smartphones. Statistics by the Shopify blog revealed that 64% of mobile shoppers expect pages to load in 4 seconds or less and 79% of customers who were not impressed by the website performance are not likely to shop from the same store again.

But, thankfully Shopify is mobile responsive hence doesn’t compromise the look and feel of stores when consumers view them on different dimensions. Plus, this platform has various mobile commerce features to help you browse and buy from different stores such as Hygo Shop and Cettire.

Many Cool Plugins

Stores on Shopify have optimized many plugins to help improve their customer service. Many stores offer free shipping to get more shoppers to buy. This, in fact, is an important incentive to motivate customers to shop more online. Also, most merchants on Shopify accept returns and exchanges although they have different policies. Returns & Exchanges allow you to return a product if you didn’t like it for one reason or another and buy another item using a store credit. Other plugins on Shopify stores include;

  • Wishlist Plus – for consumers to track the products they’re interested in so that they can purchase those they love later on.
  • One-click social login – allows customers to sign in with their accounts on social media networks like Instagram and Facebook.
  • Swell Loyalty & Rewards– where merchants reward customers who review their products, refer their store, buy often, spend more, and interact with their brands.

We love the fact that Fashion Nova decided to use Shopify as their ecommerce platform because we consumers can easily add products to a wishlist and access them later on. Also, their impressive loyalty programs makes shopping with this company worthwhile.


While all e-commerce platforms are unique in their own ways, it’s important that you consider sites that offer a robust user experience. Fortunately, Shopify has features that ensure that both buyers and sellers have an easy time using the platform. Whether you’re a regular online shopper or you want to buy online for the first time, consider using Shopify.

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