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Pisces Horoscope November 2020 — Love and Career Predictions

Read what your sign’s 2020 horoscope predictions have in store for you or check out the Pisces personality profile. 

Welcome to November, Pisces. At the end of October, you may have been tempted to reach out to an old flame, or have felt a bit emotional while thinking about the past. Keep the tissues out, dear Pisces, because November is off to an intense start. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio ends on Tuesday, November 3, but you’ll likely be too busy watching the election results to even notice. Make sure to surround yourself with loved ones, either virtually or safely in person. You will need a support system, and not just because you’re an emotional water sign. These are tough times and there is great power in community. 

You’re an epic flirt, and few can resist your charm. Get ready to perfect your nudes and send sexts galore when communication planet Mercury re-enters sexy Scorpio on Tuesday, November 10. Just beware of jealousy, and try not to over-analyze text messages. Your sex life may have felt rather lackluster these past few months, as Mars has been retrograde since September. Thankfully, the warrior planet goes direct on Friday, November 13 and you’ll feel the confidence you need to start standing up for yourself professionally. You may also feel some added heat to your love life. 

Saturday, November 14 is a powerful and transformative day for you. There is a dark new moon in fellow water sign Scorpio that draws power from a trine (a favorable aspect) between the moon and your ruling planet, Neptune. This is a day to release what no longer serves you and to say yes to new opportunities. You may be a fish, Pisces, but allow yourself to metaphorically shed your old skin like a snake. 

You become filled with wanderlust when adventurous Sagittarius season begins on Saturday, November 21. This may be a bit frustrating considering the current state of the world, but as long as you channel this energy into learning a new skill such as drawing, learning a new language, or skateboarding, you’ll see that there are other ways to explore without buying a plane ticket. 

On Saturday, November 28, your ruling planet Neptune goes direct in your sign, reinvigorating your love for fantasy, fun, and play. Suddenly, you remember that you’re an adaptable creature and have survived even your worst days. Hold onto that optimism by laying low on Monday, November 30. There is a full moon and dramatic lunar eclipse in gossip-loving Gemini. This transit brings rumors and unexpected endings. It’s best to stay off social media and snuggle under a blanket. Stay safe and see you in December!

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