Ode to a Shopping Basket

There’s nothing like a shopping basket;
Shopping Basket (miniature)filled to its tip-top with presents and stuff.

Big purchases and small, everyone’s
enjoying this holiday season while shopping at the mall.

And like a bosom buddy or  lifelong friend, the shopping
basket will be there for you to lend a helping hand.

Oh, what happiness the holiday season brings,
thanks to that special basket whose wheels seemed to sing.

With childlike smiles upon everyone’s face,
at they ran to unwrap presents with ribbons of lace.

Now it is time for our happy family to gather around the tree,
and sing Christmas carols with merriment and glee.

Upon saying grace before enjoying a divine meal,
we give thanks for the many eCommerce deals.

Things are winding down now and our guests are heading
home, after one more group selfie taken by my cell phone.

Ahh, the fond memories, they’re all so fantastic,
and it all began with that faithful shopping basket.

Happy Holidays from Stuff Lovely

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