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The Hair Care System That Will Upgrade Your Protective Styling Game

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Weaves and extensions have been the go-to protective style for many years. They are so popular that many beauty brands create products specifically made for wig, weave and extension maintenance. Even though we weave wearers are thankful for brands making these useful products, who wants to spend time and money experimenting with products that work for our expensive weaves? Well, we’ve got you covered! We tried the By L. Jones Braid & Extension Collection, and you will definitely want to add these products to your hair care system for your weave wash days.

Created by hairstylist LaToya Jones, the Braid and Extension Collection is specifically designed for weaves and extensions to prevent product residue and build up and to help clients maintain their hair at home.

“I began making products in 2013 in response to my salon clients always asking for a good deep conditioner,” LaToya told Hype Hair in a recent interview. “My intention was to only make a deep conditioning treatment but the overwhelming amount of positive responses pushed me to develop an entire line.”

LaToya Jones of L. Jones Products
LaToya Jones, owner of L. Jones Products
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The Pelham, Alabama-based stylist was sure to include everything you need for a successful wash day with this bomb collection. The Refresh Deep Cleansing Shampoo ($15) gently cleanses the hair while removing excess oil and dirt. The shampoo should be used twice to ensure all impurities are removed, giving the hair the look and feel of its original state. You’ll want to follow up with a generous amount of the Nourish Moisturizing Conditioner ($15). Comb through the hair and let it sit for about 10-15 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. Typically, you will want the hair to air dry, but whether you decide to use a blow dryer or not, these products will have your extensions, wigs or weaves feeling silky smooth.

And did we mention, these items also work for braids? For our braid lovers, try the shampoo and conditioner along with the Cooling Hair Mister Braid Spray ($20). The spray contains ingredients such as aloe, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, and rosemary oil, all of which help prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. Braids and weaves can often cause tension to your natural hair, so it’s highly recommended to use the spray before installing your wig and after taking it off to help soothe your scalp.

The L. Jones brand has already released a slew of collections, including a men’s and babies line. But, there is even more to come, she said.

“There are many new products in the works. The next thing to launch will be the Satin Moisture Cream, which is a daily moisturizing hair lotion that can be used to give the hair more moisture without completely shampooing and conditioning it,” she said. “It can be used on all hair types and is also great for kids. Look for that in November!”

All products can be purchased at Get $5 off your purchase and future discounts by subscribing to their mailing list. 

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