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Woman Proves You Can Lose Weight Without Dieting


We all know the frustration of gaining weight after trying one diet after another and discovering that they actually don’t work. Fed up with yo-yo dieting, Jacinta Mayora finally found a way to lose 30 pounds without committing to any specific diet. At her heaviest, she weighed around 220 pounds in early 2019. By committing to a healthy lifestyle and focusing less on what the scale says, she ended up finding a routine that really works for her.

“I was always obsessed with losing weight. I tried diet after diet, and at my lowest point, I even had an eating disorder, “he said. “Because of all the yo-yo diets, I gained weight every year so I realized that I needed a different approach to get a different result.”

So he started eating healthier and hitting the gym 2-3 times a week. Instead of following strict diets and trying to look a certain way, you just listened to your body and intuition. “I didn’t focus on how my body looked; I just wanted to feel good. “

Jacinta focused on health, not physical appearance

Despite not focusing as much on her physical appearance, she said not weighing herself scared her at first. He felt that he would gain even more weight if he did not closely monitor his calories and weighed himself frequently. However, he said, “When I put that thought aside, it was a great relief, it was as if a weight had been lifted from me.”

Since she didn’t push herself as much, she felt a lot more freedom and flexibility regarding fitness and health. Ironically, not having set goals increased his motivation and helped improve his game. He started going to the gym 5 times a week and got into boxing. weight training and HIIT. “The variation made it so much fun, and the fact that I was getting stronger kept me going.”

Of course, even though Jacinta loves to exercise and eat healthy now, she still struggles at times. “I eat a little extra, I gain some weight, but you know what? I don’t care, ”he said. “I’m only human.” She knows that life comes with its fair share of ups and downs and that real transformation takes time.

She gives us some great advice in her video for anyone looking to improve their health: “Start from the inside because you have to do it out of love, not hatred of your body.”

What a powerful and beautiful truth! Every action we take will have a consequence, so it makes sense that hating your body only returns more of that energy to you. If you want real change, start by truly loving yourself as you are now. That way, you’ll have a lot more positive energy to propel you toward your goals.

“My body is far from perfect, and yes, I still have insecurities, but it is my living body. I finally learned to love every inch, ”he said. “If I can do it, you can too!”

You can get lots of motivational tips and posts on his Instagram page, where he has amassed almost 33 thousand followers so far. She really shows what is possible when you shift your energy from hate to love. Many of us struggle to choose to love ourselves, but we all have that option. It’s quite liberating and should give us all hope that at any moment we can choose to write a new story.

When you resist your current reality and appearance, you only make it harder to move on. However, by letting go of all expectations and just letting life flow through you, everything becomes easier over time. Beautiful things and people will come your way, the more you trust yourself and choose to follow the path of love.

Jacinta is living proof that our bodies know exactly where they want to be if we allow them to get there. In other words, by giving up restrictions and crazy diets, we can find our body’s natural set point. Perhaps the trick to lose weight without dieting is simple. Don’t worry so much about calories, scales, and all these modern diet ideas that have complicated health.

Final thoughts on how you too can lose weight without dieting

Just move your body in a way that you enjoy, eat healthily most of the time, and love yourself! Make sleep a priority, rest when you need it, and don’t hate yourself for missing a workout. We are all on our own journeys here, and no one should feel like it has to be perfect. As long as you do your best and make loving decisions for yourself, you will feel good from the inside out.

As Jacinta learned the hard way, don’t fall for the crash diet trap. You will only be disappointed when you regain the weight, as your body will always try to regain lost calories later on. Consistency and perseverance will take you much further than trying to find shortcuts. So if you’re feeling determined, you can also lose weight without dieting.

From her Instagram posts, it seems that Jacinta has really found her happy place and doesn’t cut out junk food when her body craves it. We hope you find inspiration in her story, and if you want to follow her, check out her Instagram here.



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