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Rent Winnie the Pooh’s Tree House in the Original Hundred Acre Wood at This ‘Bearbnb’


Henry Woide, Airbnb

“Sometimes,” said Winnie the Pooh, “the smallest things take up more space in your heart.”

And nowhere is that more true than in the aptly named ‘Bearbnb’ that bears his name.

Tucked away in a lush corner of the Sussex countryside that inspired AA Milne’s original hundred-acre woodland, Pooh’s signature treehouse has been lovingly replicated and is poised to host its inaugural guests as part of a Disney celebration marking the 95th anniversary of the beloved Bear.

The custom-built little house, based on EH Shepard’s classic drawings from Milne’s original books, is overseen by Kim Raymond.

She is a Disney illustrator who has been creating images of the iconic bear for three decades.

“I have illustrated Winnie the Pooh for 30 years and continue to be inspired by the classic EH Shepard decorations and more recent Disney stories,” Raymond said in a statement.

“The ‘Bearbnb’ is a one-of-a-kind experience that brings the allure of Pooh to life for fans, while paying tribute to the original adventures that have been so important to so many people for 95 years.”

Henry Woide, Airbnb

According to the Airbnb listing, during their visits, Pooh lovers will get “a guided tour of the original Hundred Acre Forest (aka Ashdown Forest), play Poohsticks on the iconic Poohsticks Bridge, and enjoy meals from local inspiration “.

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As with its literary prototype, Bearbnb’s whimsical decor includes a ‘Mr. Sanders’ plaque above the arched branches of the trees surrounding the front door, plenty of comfortable places to nap, and a plethora of “hunny” pots on the kitchen shelves.

Henry Woide, Airbnb

In addition to the “needs of the bear,” the new House at Pooh Corner also features modern amenities including yoga and wellness products designed to help travelers communicate with the true Tao of Pooh.

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This magical address dedicated to Piglet’s BBFF (Bear’s Best Friend Forever) is the perfect place to bring a family for a unique and immersive Winnie the Pooh experience.

Henry Woide, Airbnb

But, as you can imagine, guests of an enchanted destination must observe proper house etiquette, so …

• There are strictly no packages inside the house.
• Hands should be kept out of honey jars.
• An animated “one thingy” snack at 11 am
• Poohsticks is required
• Multiple naps are allowed
• Pets are not allowed (except Roos, Tiggers, Eeyores, Piglets and Pooh Bears)
• Do not smoke, it will annoy the bees

Even for a “dumb bear”, that seems fair enough.

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