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The Adventures Of The World’s Most Charming Labradoodle


Reagan, a 6-year-old Australian labradoodle, is probably one of the cutest dogs you will ever see. His owner, Sandy, adopted him when he was eight weeks old and said she knew he would change their lives. “That’s what cubs do. But I never imagined the positive impact it would have not only on me and my family, but also on people around the world, ”he said.

Reagan currently has around 512,000 followers (and counting) on ​​Instagram, and he even has his own calendar, books and website! She is practically a worldwide puppy celebrity, and enchants the hearts of thousands with her moving story. Sandy became the foster grandparent to an 11-month-old boy when Reagan, ironically, turned 11 months old. She nicknamed the boy ‘Little Buddy’, and he and Reagan “clicked the moment they met and became best friends.”

Sandy often dresses them the same and records them hanging out, posting cute videos of them on Instagram. “Looking at the photos of the two, you can almost feel the love they share,” he said. The inspiring and moving story of their relationship led Sandy to write three books about them. A portion of the proceeds from the books supports children in foster care, which makes the story even better!

Sandy says that she and Reagan are the perfect couple because she loves photography, and he loves modeling! Reagan makes people smile and is truly a light in the world for many. Wherever he goes, people don’t seem to get enough of him. “Add a little joy to an otherwise stressful day.”

Reagan in the spotlight

From the website, when fans asked if Sandy would ever stop making their day with adorable photos, she said:

“You, my friends, are the ones who brighten MY day. 😘 I love seeing your ‘likes’ on social media and reading your sweet comments. My goal, when I started my IG, was to post a photo every day for a year. Glad to say I’ve posted every day so far, and in August it was 3 years! I don’t plan on stopping soon, I’m having too much fun. “

What great news, because Reagan images never seem to get old! He seems to love the camera, but Sandy says it’s probably because there are usually treats around. (After all, dogs will do almost anything for some treats.) Most of the sessions are short and enjoyable, and Mom makes sure the boys and Reagan always have matching clothes.

Reagan now also has a little sister. Sandy and her husband adopted a girl a year after Little Buddy entered the scene. She came to live with the family when she was only two days old, and everyone fell in love with her immediately. As they are registered adoptive parents, they received a call asking: “A baby has just been born and needs to be cared for. Can you come pick it up? They didn’t even think twice, and she has been with the family ever since.

A little about the Labradoodle breed.

Started in Australia, the AL breed was founded by a man who wanted to find a hypoallergenic service dog for your wife. Reagan mixes with Lab, Poodle, and a few other breeds, including the Cocker Spaniel. Sandy and her husband settled on a Labradoodle because they are cheerful, sociable, and highly intelligent. They are also easy to train and are very good with children and families.

Labradoodles have fun and comical energies and they love to be active! They quickly learn unusual or special tasks and are very intelligent. Non-aggressive and friendly, they are the perfect service or therapy dog. Reagan is slightly smaller than the average Labradoodle, weighing in at around 45 pounds.

In case you’re wondering, Mom gets most of her clothes from Target, Carters, Old Navy, and Children’s Place. Apparently, children’s clothing can work well with dogs too! Sometimes Sandy puts pants on him and slits him to fit his giant fluffy tail.

As for the Reagan diet, he eats pretty much everything his brother eats, if he can. Her favorite food is peanut butter, but her family makes sure to buy her a healthier, lower-fat one. Called PB2, it contains 85% fewer calories and has no added sugar. Eat a raw food diet Because it keeps its coat shiny and makes it healthy and strong!

She also loves cookies, pizza, hamburgers, and tacos, though suitable for dogsof course. He also enjoys dog treats, so his diet is quite versatile. However, he sticks to a mostly raw diet.

Final thoughts on Reagan the Labradoodle dog

Based on Instagram images, it looks like Reagan is really living his best life, taking it all in with his brother, sister, and loving parents. He does everything with them and hates being left alone. Although he spends most of his time with the family, they make sure he is well cared for when they go on vacation. Reagan stays at a special Bed & Breakfast dog spa so he can socialize with other dogs while the family is away.

We hope you enjoy looking at some adorable photos of Reagan! We had a hard time choosing a few of all, so if you want to see more, you can here.



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