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Wisdom for a Time of Pandemic & Beyond


Julian of Norwich: Wisdom for an Age of Pandemics and Beyond

Nov 13 From 2020– “A time of crisis and chaos, like the one brought by a pandemic, is, among other things, a time to call on our ancestors for their profound wisdom. Not only is knowledge needed, but true wisdom in a moment of death. and profound change, because in those moments we are invited not simply to return to the immediate past, what we fondly remember as normal, but to reimagine a new future, a renewed humanity, a more just and, therefore, sustainable culture Julian of Norwich (1342ca.1429) is one of those ancestors who call us today. After all, he lived his entire life during the worst pandemic in European history, the bubonic plague that killed 40-50 % of the population “. Matthew Fox shares more in this excerpt from his new book on Julian of Norwich. (755 reads)

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