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William Segal: The Force of Attention


William Segal: the force of attention

December 9, 2020– “Attention is an independent force that will not be manipulated by the parts. Cleared from all internal noise, conscious attention is an instrument that vibrates like a crystal at its own frequency. It is free to receive the signals transmitted at any time from A creative universe in communication with all creatures. However, attention is not “mine.” In a moment of its presence, one knows that it does not originate entirely from oneself. Its source shrouded in mystery, attention communicates energies of a quality that the mind cannot represent. One needs to be in the service of mindfulness; one prepares for its advent through active stillness. ” The painter and writer William Segal shares more in this thought-provoking fragment. (332 reads)

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To take actionFor more inspiration, here is a poem by William Segal, “The Middle Ground.” [more]



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