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September 23, 2021– Appalachian poet George Ella Lyon’s poem, “Where Am I From”, evokes the particular world of a particular childhood through a poem made up of bits and pieces of memory … Memories of specific images and sounds, objects , instructions, tragedies and delights. It has been used in classrooms around the world for people to write their own versions of “Where am I from.” More recently, in response to the extreme divisions plaguing our world, Lyon was inspired to begin co-creating the “I Am From Project.” Because, in his words, “In such an atmosphere, how can we find our voices and make them heard? One way is through poetry, that heart cry that comes to us in times of love and crisis.” Read his poem and learn more about this beautiful endeavor here. (11 readings)

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To take actionwhere are you from? Use the Lyon poem as a springboard and weave in your own origin poem. For more inspiration, read the poem’s backstory and Lyon’s warm words of encouragement to anyone who wants to write their own version. [more]



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