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An e-book gave a voice to mothers of locked babies

Having a baby in the middle of a pandemic presented moms with many challenges. Giving voice to those experiences is a new e-book, Born in Lockdown, which features 277 authors who shared that experience.

The literary project was launched by novelist Emylia Hall (pictured). He asked the moms to recount their experiences during the haze of late-night feedings or while hitting the sidewalks with restless newborns. The e-book has been downloaded 3,000 times since Tuesday, raising £ 3,500 for the Sands charity, which supports those affected by the death of a baby.

Hall describes the collection as “an extraordinary record of this time in history, full of honest and unshakable stories.” “Despite the pain and hardships, so much love and hope shine through,” she told Positive News. Read the full report here.

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