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‘We couldn’t ask for better neighbors’


It was the best of times; It was the worst of times, but when it was the worst of times for Jersey City’s Würstbar restaurant, his best neighbors at the Virile Barber Shop stepped in to help.

Like many restaurants struggling to stay afloat in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, Würstbar had adapted its business model to meet current guidelines. Unfortunately, a staff member was exposed to the virus. Rather than risk spreading the disease, management decided the best course of action was to shut down, at least temporarily.

“No, we are not closed randomly for ‘renovations,'” his Instagram post read. “Unfortunately, we had an exposure to COVID-19 in Würstbar.

“Würstbar is a small team led by extremely hard-working and loyal staff. Running the restaurant with only unexposed employees is not an option for us at this time.

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“We decided as a team that we would close down until all exposed or unexposed employees have been screened and can return to work confident in their safety, and equally important, the safety of our guests.

“Thanks to @hdsid_jc and Prestige Health Mobile for putting all staff to the test so quickly. We look forward to serving you soon.”

News of the quarantine of the Würstbar crew quickly traveled the rounds of the united community. Fortunately, the neighbors of Würstbar are quite wünderbar.

In less than 24 hours, workers at the Virile Barber Shop just down the street stepped forward and offered to lend a hand by taking turns keeping Würstbar open until all affected staff members could be screened and cleared.

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“The weather is too good for our neighbors in Würstbar to be closed!” Virile Barber Shop owner Andre Fersa posted. “I have taken over the bar and sell PRETZELS, beer, wine and cider just to sit outside. Come out and support this great staff. “

Unsurprisingly, the appreciative Würstbar staff soon began praising the generous volunteers from the community who had helped to keep their doors open. “A big thank you to the @virile crew for taking over Würstbar yesterday, it was great! We love this community and we couldn’t ask for better neighbors.

“Let’s not forget that hair salons and salons were just as affected as restaurants during the closure. With so many people home from the office and big events not happening, it’s easy to skip a cut here and there. If you have the means, get that extra cut and look your best for your Zoom call or socially distanced gathering. “

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Now a sweet story like this about neighbors going the extra mile for each other when the going gets tough might not be the best you hear all day, but it sure won’t be the best.

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