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Cooking Skills Have Improved So Much in 2020 That 40% Think They’re Ready to Compete on MasterChef


More than 40% of Americans think their culinary skills have improved so much during the pandemic that they could now compete on the television show “MasterChef,” according to a new survey.

More than six in 10 Americans said their cooking skills have improved since the start of the pandemic, and a new survey of 2,000 Americans revealed information on how cooking has become a more important part of people’s lives since it began. the pandemic.

Carried out by OnePoll on behalf of Certified Piedmontese, the survey examined how the pandemic has proven to be a confidence booster in cooking for many Americans, and how they plan to continue this culinary momentum into the new year and beyond.

If your New Year’s resolutions involve eating better, you’re not alone. Six out of 10 respondents reported that improving their culinary skills is at the top of their resolution list this year.

On average, respondents have learned to cook eight new dishes in 2020. And that trend shows no signs of stopping, with 77% of respondents reporting they wanted to try to tackle at least one mundane dish in the New Year.

The more sophisticated dishes that respondents aim to perfect in 2021 include filet mignon (26%), croissants (25%) and beef Wellington (25%).

But that doesn’t mean these sophisticated favorites come easily to aspiring MasterChefs.

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The average respondent reported that they will try to cook a new dish six times before they can perfect it.

The secret of perfection? Quality ingredients, according to eight in 10 respondents, who said that these are the differentiator between a great dish and a mediocre one.

The study also found that 66% of people would love to cook with high-quality ingredients, but wouldn’t go out of their way to buy them.

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However, the same number of respondents admit that when they find something on sale or at a discount, they do not hesitate to buy it, and two-thirds of those surveyed say they check to verify that the claims about their food are verified and that the food comes from from a reliable source.

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“Whether you’re whipping up ribs to celebrate New Years Day, crafting that perfect roll to impress your partner on Valentine’s Day, or marking any other special occasion with a new culinary endeavor in 2021,” said an executive chef from Certified Piedmontese, “Starting with quality ingredients is the key to success.”

Dishes people are interested in mastering in 2021

1. Filet mignon 26%
2. Croissants 25%
3. Beef Wellington 25%
4. Macaroni 24%
5. Breath 23%
6. Baked Alaska 23%
7. Fish in salt crust 20%
Pad thai 19%
9. Bearnaise sauce 19%
10. Beef Bourguignon 19%

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