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UPS Promotes Workplace Inclusion, Hires Man With Down Syndrome


Many companies have been promoting inclusion in the workplace by hiring people with various conditions and disabilities. When Jake Pratt, a 21-year-old with Down syndrome, got a job at UPS, he couldn’t have been happier. He was grateful to them for giving him a chance. Also, she hoped this would inspire other people with Down syndrome to pursue their dreams. Jake doesn’t let his diagnosis stop or define him; instead, he continually breaks down barriers and encourages others to do the same.

When Jake told his family that he got the job, his sister Amy Hyde immediately shared the news on social media.

She said, “Thank you UPS for giving my brother a chance and promoting inclusion in the workforce. Jake has Down syndrome, but that doesn’t stop him! He loves his new job running packages for up to 8 hours a day. That’s after working from 6 to 10 a.m. every morning on the golf course. I am so proud of him! “

Jake has always been a hard worker and does everything with a smile on his face. He realized that no matter what obstacles he faced, his attitude in life was the most important thing. He works as a maintenance man on a golf course every day and then immediately heads to his second job with UPS. Her sister says she loves both jobs and would gladly take even more hours if she could.

In an interview with PeopleAmy said that working at UPS means a lot to her brother. You have always dreamed of being independent and this job will allow you to do it. So far in life, he has accomplished a lot, thanks to his willpower and all the people who looked beyond his disability. Amy credits the many people who gave her the opportunity to help Jake follow his dreams.

Jake has always sprinted toward his goals.

His sister added that Jake deserves a normal life as much as anyone else, and he wants it for himself. All his accomplishments so far demonstrate his capabilities, and he continually pushes the limits. You want to show other people with Down syndrome that they don’t have to let their diagnosis stop them. Jake likes to raise awareness about how people with disabilities can still live full and normal lives.

Jake received the diagnosis during his childhood and grew up in Vestavia Hills, Alabama. His family said it was a shock to them, especially when the doctor said he would never function normally in society. The doctor informed them that Jake would not live a normal life and that he might even need to be institutionalized. However, neither Jake nor his family accepted that bleak and limiting prospect.

Amy said her family never made Jake feel different from everyone else, wanting him to pursue whatever he sets out to do. They always encouraged him to believe in himself and not put limits on what he can achieve. Due to his upbringing, Jake constantly breaks the mold and strives in every area of ​​life. Throughout his life, he has surprised everyone with his achievements, doing the most considered impossible things.

As a huge sports fan, he decided to join his high school football team and even scored a touchdown once. He also graduated from Clemson University and enrolled in their LIFE program last spring. In addition, he passed his driving test with flying colors, with a test score of 100. Getting the job at UPS was another milestone for Jake, and his entire family is very proud of him.

Her sister says that Jake inspires her more than anyone in her life. She says her brother never meets a stranger and treats everyone with love and respect. She brings so much joy to everyone who crosses her path, and Amy says she has taught her more than anyone she knows. She describes him as fun, hardworking, loving, and confident.

UPS promoting the workplace inclusion and diversity gives Jake hope for the future

When Jake was hired, UPS celebrated with him, as well as his own family.

“We are proud to have Jake on our team! Keep up the great work, Jake! “the delivery services company said in a tweet.

While Jake doesn’t drive a truck, he still works a typical eight-hour day delivering packages to customers’ doorsteps. All the time, he maintains a positive attitude and a smile on his face. Even after waking up early for his other job on the golf course, he feels grateful and ready for the delivery job.

Jake loves taking on new responsibilities and becoming more independent every day. He prepares his lunch before going to work every morning and even prepares his clothes the night before. He values ​​routine, so he goes to bed early each night to wake up refreshed and ready to go to work. We could all learn a thing or two from him!

It has shown that people are wrong time and time again, constantly breaking their goals and creating new ones. Jake doesn’t settle for less than he wants, and that determined spirit will take him far. His family can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Amy says that with Jake’s passion for sports, he dreams of being involved with a team or maintaining their facilities. On top of that, he is saving money from every paycheck to buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend Grace. She also has Down’s Syndrome and is currently attending Auburn University in its EAGLES program. As she nears graduation, Jake plans to propose to her!

His sister says she fully believes in Jake and his potential to achieve his goals. He’s come a long way, and she and her family are eager to see her bright future unfold for him.

Final Thoughts: UPS Promotes Inclusion in the Workplace by Hiring a 21-Year-Old With Down Syndrome

When Jake was hired at UPS, he showed the world what inclusion and diversity really bad. Today, many companies are committing to hiring people with various conditions and disabilities. This is the way of the future, and Jake’s story is one of many that inspires people to push past self-created limits.


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