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Surfer Reunited With His Board By Good Samaritans 400 Miles Away – A Month After it Floated Out to Sea


After a couple stumbled upon a strange sight while walking on the beach, the blue and yellow surfboard turned into a message in a bottle, and they had to know its origins.

Stephanie Riise and Jake Anderson in the Shetland Islands – SWNS

It all started when Lee Brogan had been “wiped out” by a massive wave while sailing off the Yorkshire coast of England last year and watched in agony as his surfboard disappeared into the ocean.

She had given up hope of meeting her 10-year board again, but luckily a young couple found her, some 400 miles away.

Stephanie Riise, 22, and Jake Anderson, 23, were hiking in the Shetland Islands off the coast of Scotland when they saw the nine-foot board and decided to investigate further.

The Walden board, which costs between £ 800 and £ 1,200, was dumped on the coast on some gravel, but was completely intact.

“Our interest was piqued at that moment and we were wondering where it came from, how far it had traveled, who lost it, what story was behind it,” said Stephanie, from Shetland.

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The inquisitive couple took to Facebook on the day of discovery to see if anyone could track down the owner as they wanted to know the story behind the dash. He posted about his find on the Shetland Seashore Discoveries Facebook page and the community quickly donned the detective hat.

Just a day later, they got in touch with Lee, who couldn’t believe they had found his beloved board that had been lost in the waves at Runswick Bay in Scarborough, England.

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“We were so surprised by how quickly everything happened, we thought we would never find the owner in all honesty. We were so glad he got in touch. “

He said they questioned Lee to make sure he was the owner, but after he provided a photo and explained how it had fallen off the board, they were convinced.

Lee Brogan reunited – SWNS

The kind couple not only solved the mystery, they got a friend to drive the board home for them in a van and said it just tickled them that they were able to help. And they signed the board with a message: They don’t need a bottle to preserve the 400-mile synchronicity of fellowship.


“Knowing (now) where it came from, it’s even more impressive that it was completely intact.”

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“It was fun to have been able to do something nice for someone during the confinement, since everything has been quite pessimistic.”

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