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Time Confetti and the Broken Promise of Leisure


Time Confetti and the broken promise of leisure

December 17, 2020– The paradox of autonomy: “We adopt mobile technologies to gain autonomy over when and how long we work, but ironically, we end up working all the time. The long blocks of free time that we used to enjoy are now constantly interrupted by our watches, phones, tablets and laptops. This situation cognitively overwhelms us and fragments our free time in a way that makes it difficult to use this time for something that relieves stress or makes us happy. Researchers call this phenomenon confetti time, which equates to small snippets of seconds and minutes wasted in unproductive multitasking. Each part on its own doesn’t seem too bad. But taken together, all that confetti adds up to something more pernicious than you’d expect. ” (17 readings)

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To take actionHow does it relate to the notions of time poverty, time inflow, time confetti, and the paradox of autonomy? What helps you to be intentional with your time?



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