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The World’s Last Nomadic Peoples


The last nomadic peoples of the world

March 28, 2021– “From Jeroen Toirkens comes ‘Nomad’, a fascinating and strikingly beautiful visual anthropology of the last living nomadic peoples of the Northern Hemisphere, from Greenland to Turkey. A decade in the making, this multi-continent journey unfolds in 150 black-and-white photos. white and in full color that reveal what feels like an alternate reality to an often harsh, sometimes poetic life, devoid of many of our modern luxuries and basic features, from shiny digital gadgets to a permanent roof overhead. ” See some of Toirken’s stunning photography and read more here. (7 readings)

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To take actionThis Tuesday, join a special conversation with veteran nomad Chris Carrington, a woman whose 12 years on the road have given her stories, insights and a unique ability to challenge the status quo. More details and RSVP information here. [more]



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