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The Wisdom of Forgetting What You Know


The wisdom of forgetting what you know

June 7, 2021– We are so afraid of letting go, of simply being, of allowing this wonderful life to unfold without getting in the way. This fear keeps us paralyzed and stagnant. And longing for the peace that is possible, if only we would stop all the efforts we make to find out. There is no greater gift that you can give yourself than the invitation to enter the world of not knowing. Why? If you are always going to know what you know now, things will always be the same. How could they change? And by thinking that you know what will happen, you are closing yourself off to the unimaginable: endless peace, indescribable joy, awe and wonder. “Gail Brenner shares tips on how to” forget what you know. “14 readings)

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To take actionLive today in your own places of not knowing.



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