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The Way of the Nomad


The way of the nomad

June 5, 2021– A “global nomad” with strong African roots, Wakanyi Hoffman and her husband have been raising their four multicultural and mixed race children in seven countries, three continents, with a mission to teach them to embrace the entire world as their home. They have called Kenya, the United States, Nepal, the Philippines, Ethiopia, Thailand and now the Netherlands home. “Life as a nomad, as we had come to understand from others who lived the same way, is not measured by our ability to adapt to new places, but by the agony of choosing to physically distance ourselves from the familiar. But abandoning the old ways and accepting new changes comes at the expense of this social experiment, which tests the extent of our resilience. And yet change, as we have also come to discover, is the only constant in human experience. ” She shares more in this beautiful piece. (79 reads)

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