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The Truth Demands to Be Live


A conversation with Americ Azavedo: the truth demands to be alive

March 11, 2021– Over ten semesters, Americ Azevedo’s seminar, ‘Time, Money and Love in the Age of Technology’, cultivated in students an awareness of the broader issues that form a context for their lives. He was well qualified. At the beginning of his life, he was reading a passage from Krishnamurti, “Long live the truth.” That same day he stood in front of a room full of apprentices, uncomfortable with his work and his values. He turned to the trainees and said, “I can’t do this job anymore. We are not real with each other in this place. I quit.” Back at his desk, he saw everything in a new light. A spiritual mist had risen. Somehow it all started when he was bullied and called stupid as a kid, and he found a way to relate to his bullies and get rid of the epithet. Read their story here. (163 reads)

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To take actionThink twice before applying labels to yourself or other people, even in your mind. Give them and yourself the benefit of the doubt. For more inspiration, read this article by Azeveda, “How To Achieve True Wealth.” [more]



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