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The bowing movement

February 19, 2021– As the youngest of 10 siblings in a Watts, Los Angeles housing project and a member of the notorious Crips gang, Aqeela Sherrills witnessed from inside the pain and devastation of the country’s most violent street gang warfare. , which would continue. to claim 30,000 lives between 1983-2003. By 1992, he, his brother, and a few other key players in the community had negotiated a historic peace deal between rivals Bloods and Crips. He is now a leading activist against gang violence and the death penalty, as a subject matter expert on victim service and community public safety. Tragically, in 2004 Sherrill’s own 18-year-old son was killed by gun violence while at home during a break. of the University. In response, Aqeela visited holy sites around the world in 2005 and, upon returning to Watts, embarked on a new phase of work and activism, launching The Reverence Project. Share more in this powerful talk. (12 readings)

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