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The Politics of Flower Cultivation


The politics of flower growing

February 7, 2021– “The tradition of giving roses for Valentine’s Day is actually a wrong ritual from an ecological perspective because the roses are actually transported from Kenya, for example. Roses do not grow locally in countries north of the equator during February. Because flowers are not food, we tend to overlook the fact that they are also seasonal products, and we cannot have them all the time unless we buy them abroad.[…] The commodification of the living is a very deep ethical question from a plant perspective, as well as from a human perspective. 10 years ago, Switzerland adopted a law that recognizes the rights of plants and the underlying suffering or loss of dignity of plants. “Masami Charlotte Lavaut is the founder of Plein Air, the first flower farm in Paris. She shares more here on the ‘slow flower approach, which speaks to our relationship with time and nature, while shedding light on the political implications and hidden costs of the flower industry.270 reads)

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