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The Many Flavors of Wonder


Fabiana Fondevila: The many flavors of wonder

Apr 17, 2021– Fabiana Fondevila is a writer, speaker, teacher, and wonder activist in Argentina. He began his career as a journalist and war correspondent, working for the main media in his native country. Returning to spiritual questions, he spent years interviewing some of the world’s leading thinkers, mystics, scientists, and philosophers in search of a map. And then life passed: her older sister took her own life after a lifetime of mental illness, and Fabiana’s parents died shortly before and after, devastated by grief. This led Fabiana further down the road. But this time, no book, school, or lineage seemed powerful enough to shine a light in the dark. By chance, she came across weeds in her garden that led her to a treasure trove of ancient plant wisdom. Weeds led to trees, trees to birds, birds to clouds, and through this green muddy path she found her way back to herself. (179 reads)

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To take actionBe on the lookout for the presence of wonders today. You can explore more of Fabiana’s work through her website. [more]



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