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The earth has memory

December 20, 2020– “Denial and fear of death make possession, possessiveness, and excessive consumption possible. If we simply backtracked a bit, we would slow down and ask the” why “of each of our actions, based on absolute security of death we would all be better environmentally “. Playwright, poet and essayist Cherrie Moraga sees the world as a place where the body knows and “the earth has memory.” “Her writings have shaped fundamental aspects of the feminist thinking of contemporary women of color, including debates on ethnic nationalism, indigeneity, sexuality and social justice. In addition to her plays and collections of essays, she was a co-editor with Gloria Anzaldua from the historic feminist collection This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color. ” More in this interview. “(203 reads)

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To take actionTake some time to explore the memories of the land you currently live in.



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