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The Gift of Ecological Humility


The gift of ecological humility

February 23, 2021– “In my 20s, I became an apprentice to The Queen Mothers of Kroboland in Ghana in hopes of understanding more about my cultural heritage. Early one morning, I arrived at the Paramount Queen Mother Manye Nartike complex, which was particularly buoyed by a rumor that I had heard about our diasporic practices in relation to the land. Incredulous warned me: ‘Is it true that in the United States, a farmer will put the seed in the ground and will not pour any libations, will offer prayers ?, sing or dance , and wait for that seed to grow? Upon meeting my embarrassed silence, she continued: ‘That’s why they are all sick! Because they see the Earth as a thing and not as a being.’36 readings)

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To take actionLook out your window. Right now, right here in this moment, what is being conveyed to you?



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