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The font that proudly captures what it’s like to have a stammer


Having a stutter is often seen as something that needs to be overcome, but why?

Irish graphic designer Conor Foran, who stutters, wanted to challenge this assumption. Together with Bart Rzeznik, he created a font called Dysfluent to represent his way of speaking.

“Instead of seeing the stuttering speech as broken or fragmented, I visualized it spreading and repeating itself,” he told Positive News.

That project led the couple to launch a magazine (also called Dysfluent, pictured above), in 2020 about people who are proud of their stutters.

“What about those honest, funny, and downright awkward moments that are shared between fluent and non-fluent people?” read the magazine’s website. “It is these vulnerable experiences that Dysfluent highlights. Experiences we shouldn’t be afraid to discuss. “

Foran describes the typeface that preceded the magazine’s creation as a “positive claim to all those negative things society says about stuttered speech, stating that it is beautiful and unique in its own right.”

Images: Foran’s Dysfluent Magazine Layouts: Dysfluent Magazine


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