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The Buy Nothing Project Gift Economies


The Buy Nothing Gift Economies project

March 26, 2021– Liesl Clark and her family traveled to Nepal on a “quest to find answers.” They returned home with a new perspective on the community and a better way of life. Clark saw how Nepalese cared for one another, insisting on sharing gifts equally within the community and taking responsibility for the elderly, frail, and sick without regard for family ties. She believed that these principles could apply to her area and possibly beyond. With the help of her friend Rebecca Rockefeller, Clark started The Buy Nothing Project with a Facebook page and a list of ideals. His hope was to focus more on community and connections and less on things, thus removing physical wealth from the equation. The project fosters the feeling that we are all connected and that everyone has something to offer. Some cook meals for others. Some collect food that grows on trees and vines in public places, food that can often be left to rot. The movement, which started from a collective on Bainbridge Island, Washington, now has more than 1.5 million members and is growing. Watch this video to learn more about the backstory behind the local gift economies of this experimental social movement that spans the world. (13 readings)

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To take actionVisit 31 Ways to Build a Community for other ways to foster connections in your neighborhood. [more]



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