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Sustainable Social Change and Philanthropy


Sustainable social change and philanthropy

December 8, 2020– As a professional donor and manager of some of the world’s leading foundations, David Bonbright sought innovative approaches to strengthen citizen self-organization rather than the dominant top-down bureaucratic models. While working at the Ford Foundation, David was declared persona non grata by the apartheid government in South Africa for helping to finance the liberation struggle. In 1990, in the last years of that struggle, he undertook the development of some fundamental organizations for civil society in the new South Africa. He then founded and now leads an international non-profit organization dedicated to bringing constituent feedback into the practice of social change. He received an unexpected invitation to speak with Nelson Mandela, who reinforced that development aid and philanthropy run aground because the recipients have no voice in it, and that “in social change, as in our personal and social life, it is the relationships that results determine results.Following are nuggets of wisdom selected from an Awakin Call with David Bonbright.
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