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Talking River, Talking Rain

March 7, 2021– “Are languages ​​then just a collection of words, syntax and semantics? I would like to see them sometimes as seeds and other as fields, alive as the minds, languages, throats, bodies and air through which they pass; germinating, taking root , bearing fruit, evolving as beings. But also maintaining space, expanding as a unique land of perception. A non-physical geography that houses human and non-human drama. A living environment, a discourse-escape “. In this evocative piece, writer and teacher M. Yuvan presents anecdotes that shed a bright little light on the linguistic diversity of India and weave together similar stories from around the world. What does it mean for the future of the human species to keep alive the richness of our multiple languages? How does language tie the soul to the wisdom of the Earth? (13 readings)

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To take actionDo you speak more than one language? If so, could you connect more deeply with the layered texture and sensations of words that contain the same meaning, but in all languages? If not, could you learn a new language and possibly a different worldview?



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