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Small Musings on a Vast Universe


Eating the sun: small reflections on a vast universe

November 28, 2020– Says Maria Popova of Ella Frances Sanders’ latest book, “In fifty-one miniature essays, each accompanied by one of her fun and moving ink and watercolor drawings, Sanders continues to explore a wide and enjoyable range of scientific mysteries and facts. : evolution, chaos theory, clouds, the color blue, the nature of light, the wonder of octopuses, the measurement of time, the famous phrase of Richard Feynman’s cataclysm, the mechanical mesmerism of planetary movement, our microbiome, the puzzlement of why we What emerges is something sweetly in keeping with Nabokov’s jubilation at our “ability to marvel at trifles,” except, of course, that even the smallest processes, phenomena, and laws and Invisible are not trifles but condensed miracles that make everything we know “. (117 reads)

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To take actionCheck out more of Sanders’ enchanting and thought-provoking work here: “11 untranslatable words from other cultures.” [more]



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