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Rough initiations

March 4, 2021– “To heal ourselves from our traumas, from the loss of the soul, we must restore the conditions that offer something attractive and convincing to persuade the soul to return home. In other words, what reconstitutes the psyche after the trauma, in addition to understanding what What happened is to reestablish our place within the larger cosmological context. We must be restored and restructured to complete the rude initiation that was precipitated by trauma. In other words, we must return to our lives as vital and engaged participants in the deep chanting of the world.” After studying initiation practices in various cultures, Francis Weller distilled a set of variables that must be in place for a successful transition from youth to adulthood. “These same conditions,” he says, “are what help us restore the psyche after trauma.” Explore more in this excerpt. (11 readings)

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To take actionHave you experienced any initiation rituals in your own life? Of the five conditions for initiation that Weller mentions in his article, which ones do you most strongly identify with? Which, if any, do you feel you need right now?



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