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Preemie Born the Size of a Superman Doll Now Poses For Photos at Every Birthday With His Sidekick


A preemie the size of a Superman action figure has miraculously recovered and now celebrates each milestone with his partner by his side.

At 4 weeks and 1 year – SWNS

Logan Ray was born at 23 weeks gestation, weighing just 1.5 pounds, the same height as a tiny 12-inch Superman figure.

Doctors told his parents to prepare for the worst, but like their new hero toy, little Logan was a fighter.

And with each miraculous week that passed, the preemie grew and grew until, after 105 days at Randall Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon, he was able to go home.

His 34-year-old mother Val now takes photos of the boy with the same Superman doll every year to remind everyone how far he has come.

“He himself is a little superhero. Even when he only weighed a pound and a half. I called him my little ‘tough guy’. “

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To this day, the doctor will message Val on Facebook, asking how the little ‘tough guy’ is doing.

After the delivery nurses suggested photographing him with something next to him that shows his size, Val asked her husband Rob to go get something.

“I told him to pick something that he thought would be appropriate like a doll that we could disinfect and put in the incubator.

“He called me and said what about a Superman? I thought it was perfect! “

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Logan on his 3rd birthday – SWNS

During pregnancy, Val was diagnosed with an incompetent cervix, a medical condition in which the cervix shortens and opens prematurely, often causing women to miscarry.

Val said: “The doctors basically told Rob and I that they were going to send us home for an abortion.

“Both Rob and I looked at the doctor and said ‘we’re not going anywhere, whether we have it tomorrow or we have it in four months, we will stay in the hospital.’

Rob, a proud husband, said: “He lay on his stomach basically with his head lower than his feet for 20 days without getting out of bed to do anything.”

“To be honest, it’s amazing, he didn’t complain at all.”

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After the birth, little Logan was rushed to the hospital with multiple serious complications.

Against all odds, he coped and went home to his family after 105 long days in the hospital to celebrate his first Christmas at his home in Bend, Oregon.

4th birthday – SWNS

Four years later, Logan is a healthy and happy boy with no health issues and still has his Superman sidekick with him to celebrate every birthday together.

“He is an amazing kid. A lot of these babies who are born at 23 weeks have tons of health problems, but Logan … he’s a smart kid, my little one, he really is. “

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