15 Spooky Skeleton Makeup Ideas You Should Wear This Halloween

Are you still undecided about your look this Halloween? Check out these 15 awesome skeleton makeup looks – spooky but glamorous at the same time!

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15 Skeleton Makeup Ideas to Spice Up Your Halloween

1. Purple Skull

Purple is one of the best colors for fall, and what better way to combine Halloween and fall ideas than wearing a skeleton makeup in, well, purple hair! The color helps you update the classic skeleton or skull look.

Simply put, it doesn’t make you look boring.

2. Zombie Skeleton Makeup

portrait-beautiful-young-woman-halloween-pumpkin | scary makeup looks

I LOVE Halloween makeup looks and I highly recommend the skeleton makeup because it gives you so many options. But this one is probably my favorite. It’s insanely creative!

This is how you take the regular spooky Halloween makeup to an entirely new level.

3. Day of the Dead

girls-dressed-day-dead-costumes | halloween costume

There are a lot of things I like about this skeleton makeup: details, colors, and skill. It’s a beautiful take of the candy or sugar skull that’s extremely popular in Mexico. What’s more amazing is you can do this makeup look with your kids!

And before you think this is incredibly hard to pull off, then you better check out different tutorials on YouTube. Learn how to get this same look right here.

4. Half Skull

beautiful-woman-make-skeleton-half | skeleton makeup looks

Half skulls are always trendy during Halloween! I think it’s because it’s easy to do, versatile, and doesn’t take too much time as you only have to put makeup on half of your face!

It’s also a great way to create the illusion of life and death (oohhhh!). If you want to recreate the look above, you can use good-quality white face paint and dark eyeshadow palettes.

And here’s another idea for your half skull! So basically you can paint the upper or the lower half, or the right or left side.

It’s your choice.

5. Neon Pink Skull

portrait-woman-sugar-skull-makeup-over | costume makeup looks

“Dreamy” is probably the last word you’ll ever think about skeleton makeup, but it can actually happen!

I adore this Halloween look a lot as it gives the feeling of freshness and brightness — totally in contrast and different from the spooky Halloween makeup you often see. And check out the shimmer and how it highlights blue eyes.

6. Glamour Ghoul

portrait-woman-dressed-catrina-skull-honor | easy halloween makeup

Skulls are usually dreadful, but the truth is you can be glamorous. In fact, go and play around with different looks!

This glamour ghoul look will surely turn heads. Again, Halloween gives you the full right to go crazy and creative with how you look.

But remember, it’s equally nice to look scary and glamorous altogether.

7. Bridal Skull

dia-de-los-muertos-day-dead | makeup inspirations

I consider this as a modern take to the bridal skull or skeleton makeup we all grow up to love. The lace detail gives it a soft and feminine touch just as how brides should be. You may also love the fact black and purple or violet actually look really good together!

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8. Bony Skeleton

bodypainting-woman-day-dead-mask-skull | halloween makeup

If you don’t want to go soft with your makeup, then how about going hard-core? Show off those bones — or at least create the illusion!

If you’re looking for inspiration, then just look at the image above.

9. Fashion Skeleton

halloween-witch-portrait-beautiful-young-woman | spooky makeup

There are three very interesting things about this picture. One, amazing, amazing makeup details. Look at the hands! Two, high fashion.  Three, an awesome daytime quick skeleton makeup. Enough said.

10. Twin Skeletons

adorable-zombie-girl-rose-wreath-posing | couple halloween makeup

I have to admit this is extremely hard to pull off. Not only are the details too technical and many, but you also need to copy each of the elements correctly.

But hey isn’t all the hard work worth it? Imagine doing this with your special someone!

11. Holo Skull

halloween-beauty-portrait-skeleton-woman-death | day of the dead makeup

It’s all about Holo this year, so it doesn’t surprise me that Halloween would be full of it, too! Incorporating Holo into your skeleton makeup will definitely give you that extra “oomph” you need to make your outfit pop some more.

You can take it up a notch by wearing Holo nail polish as well.

12. Galactic Skull

luminous-silhouette-red-closeup-portrait-young | halloween makeup

You know what’s better than skeleton makeup on Halloween? Galactic skeleton makeup looks!

This one takes the cake with the amount of detail involved. Intricately designed like a sugar skull, this design looks wonderful enough to be sent to space.

13. Colorful Skeleton Makeup

adorable-zombies-flower-wreaths-posing-on | zombie makeup

Who would have known that skulls can be colorful and done with your family? Put out your most colorful face paints and get ready to unleash your creativity! I love this design for its ability to make a potentially scary-looking makeup look like so much fun.

14. The Joker

portrait-beautiful-young-european-woman-bright | costume makeup

Now, this is fairly new! A skeleton makeup and The Joker in one look? It could be hard to pull off but it’s certainly possible, just take inspiration from this photo above.

15. Romantic Skeleton Makeup

young-woman-skeleton-makeup-wearing-floral | unique halloween makeup

This makeup look is all too romantic to skip. The floral touch is cute and can be a perfect look for a romantic Halloween date, don’t you think?

Oops, I’m not done yet! I have here another fantastic skeleton makeup tutorial called Melting Skull. Intriguing! Look how Desi Perkins does it:

Which of these skeleton makeup looks to give you goosebumps? I’d have to choose number 12.

It’s as eerie as it gets! But, hopefully, you’re not just spooked.

It would make me happy if I’ve helped you come up with the most gorgeous and scariest look for this year’s Halloween. Don’t forget to let me know how it went, okay?

The weather, the fashion, the festivities — these are just some of the many things I love about the fall.

But of course, there’s one more thing I’d never dare miss in my life: Halloween because it gives me the perfect excuse to wear my best skeleton makeup!

My skeleton makeup list is subjective. But I tried my best to give you as many options as you can.

As you can also see, most of the choices concentrate on the face or the skull. If there’s one thing you need to get right in your Halloween look, it’s the face.

After all, it can be the basis for your entire look, including your costume and accessories.

What do you think of my skeleton makeup list? Did I help you prep for your Halloween look? I’d love to know your thoughts by leaving me your comments below!


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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in October 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.




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