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Praying for the land

November 20, 2020– “The earth needs our prayers more than we know. It needs us to recognize its sacred nature, which is not just something to use and discard. Many of us know the effectiveness of prayers for others, how healing and helps, even in the most unexpected ways. There are many ways to pray for the earth. It may be helpful to first recognize that it is not an insensitive matter, but a living being that has given us life. And then we can feel its suffering: the El physical suffering that we see in dying species and polluted waters, the deepest suffering of our collective contempt for their sacred nature. Would we like to be treated as a physical object to be used and abused? Would we like our sacred nature, our soul , to be denied? ”Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee shares more in this poignant piece. (542 reads)

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