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Police Give Traffic Violators Gift Cards Instead of Tickets


When drivers in Charleston, West Virginia, heard the sirens of police cars behind them last week, many got a festive respite to brighten their day.

The South Charleston Police Department was handing out gift cards, in lieu of tickets, to traffic rule violators.

“HUGE thanks to SCPD,” Jeanna McCallister Lilly wrote on Facebook. “I ran a red light (accidentally, of course) and, as expected, I was pulled over. The officer took my ID and information from the car and when he came back he surprised me by NOT giving me a ticket, but a gift card for Chik-Fil-A. “

“How wonderful is that?”

The franchise restaurant approached officers at the local Fraternal Order of Police shelter, according to the South Charleston Police Department Facebook page, and asked if they’d like to hand out the holiday gift cards. They purchased $ 500 worth of cards to distribute.

Officer Robert Yeager told WCHS News that officers were stopping drivers as usual for traffic violations, but surprised them with $ 10 gift cards.

“Usually people are not very happy when you stop them, but to put a smile on someone like that is a good feeling,” Patrol Officer Justin Morris told the news team.

Watch the TV news video of WCHS, here.


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