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By Jenna Brooks

Tired of feeling that her needs were not being met by the skincare industry and tired of the effects of harsh chemicals on her skin, Niambi Cacchioli created a brand of her own. Called Pholk Beauty, her new brand stands out for its fresh, all natural, and vegan ingredients in every product. Their formulas stem from Niambi’s wish to connect her African diaspora ancestry to her skin care.

In every skin care product Pholk Beauty creates, Cacchioli included all-natural plants such as aloe vera, flowers, and even watermelon. However, despite being made completely of plants, fruits, and vegetables, the products are still just as effective, if not more so considering they are targeted to handle issues like redness, irritation, and acne breakouts. The brand sells every skin care product you could imagine and need, from singles like cleansers, facial mists, moisturizers, masks, and oils, to combo kits depending on your skin type. Additionally, the website offers a feature where you are able to shop for products specifically depending on your main concern from hyperpigmentation to ingrown hairs and even acne caused by wearing face masks. 

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Additionally, being purely focusing on women’s beauty and skincare, they have a “For Him” section so you’re able to shop for the men in your life as well. Pholk Beauty was created for all to use, to create effective products that don’t just feel, look, and smell nice. Cacchioli used her time travelling across the world and studying fresh food and fresh skin care ingredients to perfect products that won’t further irritation and will bring life and cleanliness back to your skin, for a lot less than the products claiming to be both green and highly effective. Her product line is definitely one to check out as the prices are reasonable, the packaging is stunning, and the products will actually provide results!A picture containing breakfast, meal, arranged, variety

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