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Place, Personhood & the Hippocampus


Place, personality, and the hippocampus

September 26, 2021– “‘Place and mind can interpenetrate until the nature of both is altered,’ ‘wrote Scottish mountaineer and poet Nan Shepherd in her lyrical love letter to her native Highlands, echoing an ancient intuition about how our Formative physical landscapes shape our landscapes of thought and feeling. The word ‘genius’ in the modern sense, after all, originates from the Latin phrase genius loci – ‘the spirit of a place.’ In this article, Maria Popova delves into the themes of MR O ‘Connor’s book, “Wayfinding: The Science and Mystery of How Humans Navigate the World.” (9 readings)

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To take actionGPS gives directions, but what does it take away? This excerpt from O’Connor’s book shares more. [more]




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