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March 31, 2021– “Your phone rings in the middle of the night. When you reach blindly to answer, are you afraid that someone you love has had an accident? Has he died suddenly? For a while, at the beginning of my marriage to Jihong, those calls to He often woke us up. The phone was on the side of Jihong’s bed. He held the receiver to his ear and muttered a dazed hello. “Go back to Japan!” a loud male voice called, or worse. each other’s arms. You’re paying a sad price to live ‘in freedom’, I told him mentally. ” Phyllis Cole-Dai shares more in this poignant and timely article. (232 reads)

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To take actionIs there a practice you engage in as an antidote to the energies of hatred and division in our world? If you feel called to do so, try the practice that Phyllis shares at the end of her article.



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