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Paul Farmer on ‘Fevers, Feuds and Diamonds’


Paul Farmer on 'Fevers, Fights and Diamonds'

December 16, 2020– “In November 2014, Partners in Health co-founder and chief strategist Dr. Paul Farmer was in Freetown, Sierra Leone, sharing bread with a group of Ebola survivors as the world’s largest virus epidemic raged. spread throughout the country. ” It was the night I met Ibrahim, “Farmer recalled, referring to one of the survivors.” We started talking and he told me that he had lost 23 members of his family to Ebola. I was silent. And what he said next was: “I would like you to interview me about my experience.” “I’ve been an anthropologist since I’ve been a doctor, and it’s very rare for anyone to say that,” Farmer continued. “I thought, ‘If I’m going to interview him about such a terrible experience, it better be for someone other than just me.” That, Farmer said, was when he decided to write a book. “More from Farmer on” Fevers, Fights, and Diamonds: Ebola and the Ravages of History “in the following interview. (5 readings)

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