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Parker Palmer Muses on the Season


Parker Palmer muses in the season

March 21, 2021– “I will get romantic about spring and its splendors in a moment, but first there is a hard truth to say: before spring turns beautiful, it is very ugly, nothing but mud and mud. I have walked early in the morning. spring. through fields that will suck your boots, a world so damp and sad that it makes you long for the return of ice. But in that muddy mess, the conditions for rebirth are being created. I love the fact that the word “humus” – the decaying plant matter that feeds the roots of plants, comes from the same root word that gives rise to the word “humility.” It is a blessed etymology. It helps me to understand that the humiliating events of life, events that leave “mud on my face” or that “make my name mud” can create the fertile soil in which something new can grow. ” Parker Palmer shares more in this thoughtful piece on the arrival of spring. “(5906 reads)

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To take actionReflect on this season of your own life. What are the enabling conditions? What do you feel is emerging through you?



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