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Our memories of water

February 24, 2021– “I started asking my friends if they had any memorable experiences with water. I was surprised by the blank stares I got. Like almost everyone else, normally my relationship with water was nothing special, like our relationship with it. air and sunlight. If instead, I started asking people: “Do you have any really memorable experiences breathing air?” It probably would have looked even weirder. I have to laugh, even thinking about that. But we all have deep and buried memories when our first contacts with the water were still filled with wonder and some inexpressible meaning. ” In the next piece, Richard Whittaker offers glimpses of his own memories of water and evokes the personal and deeply universal aspects of this elemental force. (3 readings)

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To take actionTake time to remember your most memorable experiences with water. Perhaps you would like to participate with others in a virtual exploration: “What would the water do?” More details here. [more]




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