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Nature and the Serious Work of Joy


Nature and the serious work of joy

May 4, 2021– “‘Our origins are from the earth. And so there is in us a deeply rooted response to the natural universe, which is part of our humanity,” wrote Rachel Carson reflecting on our spiritual link with nature shortly before awakening consciousness. modern environmental. The rewards and redemptions of that elemental but endangered response is what British naturalist and environmental writer Michael McCarthy, a modern-day Carson, explores in The Moth Snowstorm: Nature and Joy (public library) – part memoir and part manifesto , a work of philosophy rooted in environmental science and animated by a rising poetic imagination. “Maria Popova shares more about McCarthy’s book and her timely messages here.12 readings)

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To take actionWalk into nature in any of its forms today, and as you watch, listen and receive the impression, also observe within yourself its effect on you. Is there a simple way to give back to nature its great gift to us, planting or weeding or caring for an animal?



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