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My vision mission

February 16, 2021– “I should start by asking myself, ‘What do I want?’ What do I really want, not for my upbringing and education, self-image and vanity, but what does this “me” that I really am of this short life want? In fact. What, or who am I? And I begin, in silence, to listen, to look up at what I can see and know about the great Universe … “Jim George was a celebrated Canadian diplomat, environmental activist and author. Throughout his prolific career, he held a number of challenging and adventurous positions around the world. Above all, however, he was a spiritual seeker, one who made significant connections with some of the most influential teachers of the last century. He was 101 when he passed away and, as one of his interviewers put it, George was “a translucent diamond radiating the wisdom and experience of a life well lived.” In this short and powerful piece, written in his nineties, George shares the essence of his ‘quest for vision’. (685 reads)

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To take actionWhat is your vision quest? Share it with DailyGood if you are inspired to do so. And to delve deeper into James George’s worldview and insights, check out “If Not Now, When.” [more]



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