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Man Who Was an Obese Kid Becomes Super Fit


When you transform from an obese child into a fit firefighter, you naturally want to share your story with the world. Chase Knight went through this incredible transformation himself, and we hope his story inspires you.

Chase began exercising during his freshman year of high school in 2003 when he was playing baseball. He says he weighed around 200 pounds at just 5 feet tall and was wearing a size 40 pants. He knew then that he had to make some changes to safeguard his health and have better energy levels. The former self-described obese child He says:

“I’m a full-time firefighter and I try to train when I’m on duty, but those trainings usually slow down a bit just because you don’t know when the next call will be. “

He goes on to say that sometimes he gets a call in the middle of training, as that’s the nature of the job. However, you like to use your free time to exercise, even at work!

“As I get older, I realize that you have to know what works best for you,” he says. “At the end of the day, as long as you move and move safely, you’ll get in shape, and that’s nature.”

Even if you only have time for 15 minutes jog around your neighborhood After work, for example, consistency will pay off. If you keep it up, you will start to notice improvements in your fitness levels. Most people want to see results quickly and succumb to intense diets or fad workouts. However, slow and steady tends to give more results in the end, as your body will have more time to adjust.

“Being in shape has allowed me to excel in my careers and has allowed me to gain leadership positions and roles,” said Chase. In turn, this gave him the experience he needed to help other people, which is important and rewarding to him.

A transformation from an obese boy to a super fit firefighter

If you want to start your own fitness journey, Chase offers some wisdom that he has acquired along the way.

“What I would tell someone if you’re going to start is just start. You only get one body, you only get one life and that’s it, ”he says. “At the end of the day, the question is: What are you going to do with it?”

Chase says he wants to enjoy this life for as long as he can, and he knows that being fit will allow him to do so. He says that staying in shape will give him more time to make an impact in the world and help others. Since he went from being an obese kid to someone who is serious about fitness, he has wanted to share the knowledge he gained.

Of course, you don’t have to retake Weightlifting or intense forms of exercise like Chase. Find what you enjoy and do it as much as you can. That way, you will become attached and find satisfaction in the process! While everyone takes a different path, we have all been given bodies that we must maintain.

How you decide to take care of yourself is still a personal decision, but no matter what, it takes effort and willpower. As long as you have the motivation and drive to reach your goals, you will arrive on time. Focus less on the scale and more on how your body feels, and it won’t seem so difficult to keep going.

Chase gives a little more motivational advice on his Instagram, which can be applied to many aspects of life:

“It’s okay not to know who you are. It takes many of us years to realize that. But what is not right is to get stuck in the lack of effort in the search for who they are.

I don’t believe in not pushing your life forward. There is nothing wrong with slowing down to appreciate the here and now. But my problem is that it is a miracle that we can breathe on this earth. Of all the children our parents could have had, we are. The statistics of our birth is one in 400 billion. 400 billion! How can you not believe you were destined for something when those were the odds against you?

It doesn’t matter if you have fitness goals or something else you would like to achieve, you can. Or, even if you don’t have goals right now, be sure to fill your days with things that challenge you. Aim to learn something new or hone a skill that you have that makes you unique. Everyone comes to this Earth with an innate talent, something that can inspire or help others. Don’t stop looking until you find yours.


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