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The Ultimate Detangler For Your Worst Hair Days

Mane’ n Tail introduces a revolutionary vegan styling formula that creates curl definition – the Detangler Extreme. This is the ultimate solution for coarse, curly hair, as it’s nourishing and strengthening proteins prevents breakage and fights frizz. And its extra-rich moisturizing properties keep curls soft, shiny and simply magnificent.

Detangler Extreme is power-packed with a blend of natural ingredients such as Argan Oil, Hydrolyzed Rice Protein, Biotin (B7) and UV filters. Hydrolyzed Rice Protein and Biotin (B7) brings hair-boosting, strengthening properties to boost healthy hair growth and improve thickness and shine. Argan Oil moisturizes both hair and scalp while protecting your hair from everyday damage. Argan Oil may help prevent hair loss and enhance hair volume by reducing frizz, breakage, split ends and keeping your scalp healthy. Another key ingredient is Hyaluronic acid (Sodium Hyaluronate). It is essential in locking in extra rich moisture to both the scalp and hair shaft, making hair flexible and resilient for an easier comb out to decrease breakage. Most importantly, Detangler Extreme helps deter sun and other environmental damage. Not only does this revolutionary, vegan styling product rid your hair of tangles and knots, but it redefines curls, protects, conditions and helps to keep hair healthy with amazing shine!

To experience the maximum benefits from Detangler Extreme, just follow these steps:

  1. Spray onto dry or damp hair.
  2. Work formula through, making sure it covers and reaches all of the hair.
  3. Do not rinse out.
  4. Comb out hair with a large-tooth comb or brush.

Results are a super slip that allows the hair to respond to styling effortlessly. Get ready to take the stress out of styling with Detangler Extreme! Your hair will thank you!

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