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Lyrical Writer and Thoreau of Our Times


Barry Lopez: lyrical writer and Thoreau of our time

December 27, 2020– Acclaimed writer Barry Lopez, who spent his entire life exploring the related bond between humans and nature, passed away this year on Christmas Day. The legacy he leaves behind in his powerful writing has never been more relevant. “Pay attention to the mystery. Apprentice of the best learners. Rediscover in nature your own biology. Write and speak with appreciation for all that you have been gifted with. Recognize that a politics without biology, or a politics without field biology, or a political platform in which human biological requirements form a single table, is a vision of the gates of hell. ” Share more in this essay, “The Naturalist”. (203 reads)

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To take actionWhat does it mean to “make your life an expression worthy of leaning toward the light” on your own journey?



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