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Larry Korn: Messenger of a Straw

November 19, 2020– “Larry Korn was a 26-year-old farmer from the United States who lived and worked on a communal farm in rural Kyoto in 1974 when he decided to go see for himself an enigmatic farmer-philosopher he had heard about Through the vine in Japan. Korn was met in the rice fields of Fukuoka Shizen Noen (Fukuoka Nature Farm) by the farm’s middle-aged owner, Masanobu Fukuoka. It was a meeting that would change their lives and alter the course of agriculture. on a large scale around the world. Fukuoka, at that time, had not plowed its rice fields for a quarter of a century, but was still producing healthy rice crops that could compete with or outperform other local farmers in both quality and quality. quantity. Did you use pesticides, artificial composting or weeding? Do-nothing agriculture, he called it, following the example of nature and leaving a minimal human footprint on the land. ” More in this fascinating interview with Korn. (657 reads)

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To take actionFor more inspiration, here is a heartfelt tribute to Larry Korn written by one of the many people whose lives were transformed by what he helped channel into the world. [more]



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